Onsite for EAGE

Having worked for the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers Middle East office for 8 years, I was delighted to be asked to take on a couple of their projects in Q4. The first on Integrated Geomechanics and in December the next edition of their Arabian Plate Geology series.

During challenging times for the oil & gas industry EAGE continue to focus their events on technical content and exclude commerciality – which is admirable, and, from the turn out in Abu Dhabi today, is appreciated by the members and the geoscience community in the region and beyond.

For the venue we are using Westin Abu Dhabi – the space here is excellent for conferences, the pre-function space is spacious, there is natural light, they have an outdoor terrace which is great now the weather is cooler here in the UAE. They invested in quality audio visual (which many venues do not), and the staff are attentive and friendly. For tonight’s cocktail we are using the Poolside Garden and tomorrow’s dinner will be in the Italian, Sacci. Keeping everyone in one place helps with logistics particularly in this region where the traffic is truly awful. 

There is one thing I always smile about when planning for EAGE, the content is so technical, the equations the presenters show are mind blowing and I can listen to 3 full days of talks and not understand a single thing, but these guys are so friendly, they work with the earth and are so down to, they love to explain in simple terms what they do, and they have the best stories…..from helping fly a plane back from Saudi to France in the 70s, spending a year on a remote island with a million penguins and not much else for company to negotiating with tribes in the Amazon for safe passage.